Half Zafu Floor Cushion | Teal

Half Zafu Floor Cushion | Teal

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This Half Zafu Floor Cushion is made with premium 100% Baltic linen on the bottom/side band and luxurious waffle weave linen/cotton blend on top. Outer cover is removable for easy washing and access, if the need arises, to add or remove filling.

All of our cushions are made by hand in Denver, CO.

Common Uses Include:

  • Floor Seating for Game Nights and Meals
  • Meditation
  • Playing Games with Kids
  • Extra Living Room Seating
  • Supportive Cushions for Restorative Yoga

Size is approximately three inches high and 14 inches in diameter. They are filled with US grown and sourced buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls support your spine and hip alignment during use. Weight is approximately four and a half lbs.

Outer cover can be removed to be laundered. We recommend spot treating stains and washing on cold & delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low or line dry to maintain integrity of material. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.